Artist's Statement "The vanishing of the images"

My work is about photographic images that emerge from darkness and disappear partly into it again.
The world in the images seems to be shrouded in permanently retreating darkness.
In some cases the process will be pushed to the limit of visiblity. But the vanishing of material recognizability has its own character of announcement … like the showing of it.
In other photographs the vanishing will be defined as a central theme by the content or the subject.
Space and time can no longer be registered.
This creates a field of tension between illusion of three-dimensionality and surface, between representationalism and abstraction, between documentary realism and fiction.
In some images the "fragments of reality" will be reduced to an almost complete vanishing of reality.
How much must be shown to the observer in order to make a notion of reality visible.
I understand my work as plumbing the the limits of the medium photography. By that I understand an omission, a veiling, a covering, but not the complete elimination of material representation. The things which are just visible serve only to trigger off something that exists beyond reproduction but means the essential.
The process of reduction, of the taking away, of blocking out induces a process of decoding in which the observer is included. The images can thus only disclose themselves to the observer himself. They must be completed by the power of his imagination.